The PASS Hybrid VC aims to cover all technologies and solutions that may be integrated with (or used alongside) the MS Technology stack, in order to complement or improve existing solutions.
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Wed, Sep 28 2016 18:00 UTC

SQL Server 2016 and Microsoft R Server


SQL Server 2016 and Microsoft R Server

With SQL Server 2016, R Language for statistical programming is now supported natively in T-SQL. Powerful R Language enables to do statistical analysis and predictive analytics on your everyday T-SQL queries. In addition, data wrangles, data engineers, data stewards, DBA, and sysadmins can now profit from this integration. R can support any kind of data related task (data cleaning, data manipulation, data migration, data analysis) and can even help to predict when your SQL Server database will need to be extended. In this session we will look 1) the powerful R language and available RevoscaleR package for multi-threaded and parallelization computation, 2) using R language in T-SQL for data analysis and predictions and 3) practical usage and visualization.

Tomaž Kaštrun is BI developer and data analyst at SPAR Business Services GmbH, Spar Slovenija. His main focus are data mining, T-SQL development, programming and query optimization. He has been working with SQL server since version 2000. He is Microsoft Certified Professional and Microsoft trainer.